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    About Me

    Lynda has practiced energy healing across a broad range of disciplines for over 25 years.


    Born in Dublin, Ireland - Lynda moved to the US in 2004 and now works with people all over the States from her home base in Greenville, South Carolina.


    Lynda completed Master/Teacher levels in Reiki, Seichim and Magnified Healing, adding attunements in Golden Dragon and Violet Flame to enhance her work.


    Lynda uses all of these experiences with her connection to the unique powers of Ireland, home of the Druids to help clients connect to their own inner healer - and attune themselves to the energy that flows through us all.


    To learn more about Lynda and her work, please read through the sections below and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.






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    "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is NOT philosophy. This is PHYSICS". - Albert Einstein

    Wise words indeed - Allow the healing energy Lynda transmits to join forces with your intention and inner healer for either emotional or physical challenges and open the possibility of greater ease in your daily life.


  • Services

    Find the right option for you

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    Individual Sessions

    Fee $150.00

    Work directly with Lynda, either in person or online.

    Once we set the intention for your session, the energy will connect with your inner healer, working in harmony to release that which you no longer need.


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    Group Healing Sessions

    $30 per person

    Join a group for a shared energy healing that can help unblock and free you from the challenges that are holding you back. Each participant is placed (energetically) in a protective bubble and can focus on their own intent for the session.

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    $145 -$160.00

    The ground upon which your home or office is built is much older than the actual building and can carry negative vibrations from the past. Then add the age of the building and energies of previous occupants.......

    A distant or in person clearing will leave your space energetically clean and totally yours.

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    Our beloved pets can also benefit from energy healing for both trauma and illness.

    Sessions can be either in person or distant.


    What People say

    Private Session

    "My session, over an hour, was peaceful and, for lack of a better term, 'tingly'. I had these waves of sensation that pulsed up and down my body throughout the session that were so, well, comforting. I had had a pretty significant disappointment that I was having trouble framing, that somehow seems vastly easier to deal with today, two days after my treatment. I feel more grounded, centered and clear-minded, as if the big picture is so apparent to me right now. I look so very forward to many more treatments!"

    Stacy McDonald, Denver USA

    Online Session

    "Lynda literally scooped deep trauma from the bottom of my heart. My relentless pain subsided. My heart continues to feel lighter and lighter with each day. Thanks so much for this miracle."

    Anne Emmons, Ft. Lauderdale USA

    House Clearing


    "Lynda Henn is a natural healer. She helped me move on from grief after the passing of my mother. She also helped clear my friend's apartment, which had been haunted for practically 100 years. Lynda is amazing and I wouldn't consider moving without her clearing the place first."

    Lola Rock'n'rolla, Brooklyn USA

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    Group Session testimonial

    Haiku State of Mind: A Series of Six


    Tiny light above, imagined and there, welcomes our sweet conduit


    Tones tuning, ringing Singing bowls of pure release; cells take a deep breath


    Patiently wading In the pool of my being


    Energy ash shed, a release we do not see, the cats feel it too


    Eyes close slowly inward,

    mind succumbs to vibrations,

    making room for love


    From under her quilt releasing tension and fear, we emerge grateful

    Julie Adams, Brooklyn USA

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