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The Work
Overload and baggage can impair our judgement, our ability to grow and simply enjoy life.
When the effects of your past are removed, or you hurts healed, you will be able to face the challenges of life with a keener sense of self and a stronger, more resilient thought process.
Energy work is, in it's nature, a very intimate form of healing.  There must be a personal connection between the energy worker and the client.
For me, the process of entering into a person's universe is no small thing.  It is a privilege and a joy!  To be able to assist in another's life is such a gift.
I do not attempt to understand just how it works, it just DOES!
How I work
In a private session, or indeed a distant Internet session, I will have you lie down in a comfortable place.
I will be mostly silent, 'toning' occasionally and will touch only your shoulders and head. 
If you have an injury, I can use my hands on the area, but it is not always necessary.
'Toning' - sounds that will resonate and send extra healing to where they are needed most.  Some will be your emotions being released.
Sessions usually last about one hour.
You must remember that you are YOUR OWN HEALER and my job is to fill you with healing energy to help you reach the state of wellness you wish for.
What to expect in a session
The possibility of being brought into a very relaxed state, although for some, their brain goes into overdrive. Not a problem - once I have made the connection, you are in my hands.  It is okey to let the process take it's course.
You may experience energetic movement in your body and some sensations can be very strong, if a little uncomfortable.  However, most folks enjoy the process and sometimes even have 'Aha' moments.
Just remember, you are being looked after and nurtured.  And your issue is being addressed.
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